How to get a Medical Marijuana Card

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by GButtersnaps

It can be a difficult procedure to get a medical marijuana card if you aren’t familiar with the initial requirements. Here is a step by step guide that can help you obtain a medical marijuana card:

  1. Find out if you’re in a state that legalizes medical marijuana.
  2. You’ll then have to decide if you have a medical condition that is treatable for medical marijuana. Some of these medical conditions have thin boundaries. For example, it’s easier to get prescribed medical marijuana if you show symptoms of depression.
  3. Once you believe you have a condition that can be treated with medical marijuana, your next step is to contact your doctor about it. Your doctor will then help you decide what is right for you; he or she will also explain the pros and cons of medical marijuana.
  4. The doctor will explain the benefits you may gain from medical marijuana, inform you about the laws surrounding it in your state, how many plants you can gave and what the next steps are to attain your medical marijuana card.
  5. There are sites online that can help find medical marijuana doctors. You can do an online search for medical marijuana doctors + the name of your state to help you find a list of doctors specializing in this field of medicine.
  6. Once you’ve found your doctor, get he or she to write a statement or prescription that recommend medical marijuana to treat your condition. If your doctor will not give you a statement, your next step is to contact the THC Foundation; they have plenty of medical cannabis clubs in different states that also support medical marijuana. They will also be able to help you either find a doctor or get a statement from your doctor.
  7. You will then need to check with your county/state office to see if you need any further documentation to obtain your medical marijuana card. Some places will ask for proof of residency, while other places ask to verify your ID.

Once you have your card, you may then go to a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase your medicine. You’ll be able to eat or smoke high quality medical cannabis. Medical marijuana is just the first step to legalization. Marijuana is not a drug; it’s beneficial to treating painful medical conditions. It’s a plant and it should be treated like the rest of the plants and herbs.


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